Letter from the Chair


Cristina Orpinell Kristjánsdóttir

Chair of the Fundación

Dear friends,
I am delighted to share with you a summary of the achievements and collaborations that Fundación Renta Corporación has carried out during the year 2023.

During this period, we have worked hand in hand with 68 organizations and allocated the sum of €119,000 to support their valuable initiatives. Through these collaborations, we have directly impacted 11 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Indirectly, in almost all of them.

Among our most significant contributions are the support for Ashoka, promoting social entrepreneurship globally, and Dream Nepal, an organization dedicated to rescuing and providing a dignified and happy life for children who “served” their sentence with their mothers in the prisons of Kathmandu and now live happily in MALA HOME houses. Additionally, we have supported the university studies of young people like Safoura, through the organization Friends of Rimkieta, allowing them to grow and develop academically.

Our collaboration with UNHCR has also been crucial, providing assistance after the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey. On the other hand, another of our main commitments has been to support the powerful organization África Digna, financing university scholarships for African children. Special mention deserves their initiative “Little is Much.” This program allows, for the cost of a television platform, an African child to access education and support through a mentoring service.

In any case, the majority of our projects are in Barcelona and Madrid, such as the Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation, focused on training teachers to help students with learning difficulties, paying special attention to their emotional well-being.

In addition to these projects, we have collaborated with another 13 causes personally suggested by the Renta Corporación team. I would like to highlight the case of Abu, a young man from Gambia whose story reached us thanks to a member of our team. We have financed his legal support, his studies, his laptop, and equipment for playing soccer, his great passion. We sincerely hope that many more young people like Abu find the support and the path they need.

At a general level, I don’t want to forget to mention other important topics, such as maternal and child health, in which we have also been involved. Research conducted in various countries has made great strides thanks to the funds allocated worldwide. Crucial links have been discovered between iron deficiency in pregnant women and postpartum hemorrhage, as well as identifying bacteria causing dangerous pneumonia in babies, which has allowed for improvements in treatments, for example.

In 2023, important events occurred, such as the DUBAI Summit, COP 28, which concluded with significant resolutions, including the urgent need to triple global renewable energy capacity and improve energy efficiency by 2030. It is crucial to transition to net-zero emission energy systems and gradually phase out fossil fuels, as well as promote sustainable transportation and eliminate subsidies for these fuels.

And finally, beyond these relevant issues, I fervently wish that this new year brings peace to Ukraine and the Middle East.

Best regards,

Cristina Orpinell Kristjánsdóttir

Chair of the Fundación