What we do


The commitment of Fundación Renta Corporación to society has always materialised through supporting projects.

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Fundación Renta Corporación has focused its efforts on financial support for projects in the following areas, both in Spain and in developing countries.

  • Helping children and women
  • Education
  • Nutrition and water programs.
  • Healthcare
  • Housing, sanitation, and infrastructure
  • Social assistance

The projects financed by Fundación Renta Corporación have usually been projects created and developed by other foundations or non-profit entities of proven solvency.

How we do it

In order to diversify social aid as much as possible, the Fundación Renta Corporación has collaborated over time with various entities, focusing interventions and resources on our six areas of action, with donations of between €500 and €3,000.

Project selection criteria and contributions made. For the selection of the projects, basically 3 main points have been taken into account:

  • The proven trust in the organisation through which we carry out our social work.
  • The significant impact on the beneficiaries.
  • Suitability: Those projects that have a clear social and humanitarian component are financed. There has always been special sensitivity to urgent projects of first necessity.

Project selection

This is the process we follow for project selection



May be made from March 15 to June 15.


Evaluation of applications

Applications received will be analysed.



All entities will be informed of the result of the application.



Donations will be made from July 1 to December 31.

Application for help

MARCH 15 - JUNE 15

Deadline for submitting the application.