25 years ofFundación Renta Corporación

Assisting the most disadvantaged groups since October 1999.

Our work during 2023

Letter from the Chair

Over this period, we have worked hand in hand with 68 organisations and allocated the sum of €119,000 to support their valuable initiatives. Through these collaborations, we have directly impacted 11 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Indirectly, we have impacted almost all of them.

Among our most significant contributions are our support for Ashoka, promoting social entrepreneurship at a global level, and for Dream Nepal, an organisation dedicated to rescuing and providing a dignified and happy life to children “serving sentences”…

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Imagen de Cristina Orpinell, presidenta de Fundación Renta Corporación

Our commitment

Fundación Renta Corporación is the expression of the social commitment that Renta Corporación has acquired and maintains to society and to its most disadvantaged groups.

Since its creation on 27 October 1999, the Foundation has worked with numerous non-governmental and non-profit institutions and organisations whose shared goal is to address, through social support, the more serious issues afflicting today’s society.

Since its creation and to date, the Foundation has collaborated in more than 1,180 projects.

What we do

Our commitment focuses on the following areas of action.

Helping children and women

Children and women are the most vulnerable groups among the most disadvantaged. Our goal is to help children…

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Renta Corporación Foundation has dedicated efforts to collaborating with entities addressing various…

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Housing, sanitation, and infrastructure

The social marginalization experienced by the poorest communities often forces them to live in precarious and…

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Nutrition and water programs

We strive to support the most disadvantaged communities with various nutrition and water programs. Access to…

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Social assistance

Renta Corporación Foundation has always aimed to combat discrimination and social inequality. Thus, it has…

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We support the universal right to quality education as a tool for building a world that offers opportunities…

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Fundación Renta in figures

Our work since 1999

25.685.990 €






Project selection

In order to diversify social aid as much as possible, the Fundación Renta Corporación has collaborated over time with various entities, focusing interventions and resources on our six areas of action, with donations of between €500 and €3,000.



May be made from March 15 to June 15.


Evaluation of applications

Applications received within the established deadline will be analysed.



The status of the application will be communicated to all entities.



Donations will be made from July 1 to December 31.

Application for help

MARCH 15 - JUNE 15

Deadline for submitting the application.

Our background

Creation of Renta Corporación social work


Constitution of the Fundación Renta Corporación


Establishment of Fundación Renta Corporación

Where we make an impact


Since 1999 we have collaborated on a wide variety of projects around the world, with a particular focus on Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) as well as various African countries.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Through our areas of action we directly
or indirectly impact the 17 UN sustainable development goals.